µCross 1.5

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The new μCross Release 1.5 is available!

Large parts of the distribution have been updated, the manual has been extended and the μTIB Image Builder has been improved.

In detail:

  • The μTIB Image Builder has been revamped. In addition to a more structured user interface, it now offers:
    • a GUI editor for file systems
    • the ability to create meta-information about the file system
    • automatic generation of a source code archive matching the created file system
    • support for time zones, and localization
  • Updated cross-toolchain based on GCC 4.5
  • Support for ARMv6: All packages are available for CPUs based on the ARM11 core too - still supported architectures: ARMv4T, ARMv5TE, ARMv7A, MIPSEL 32, PowerPC and i586/Geode. Additional architectures are available on request!
  • New software in the distribution: for example Midori, PCSC-lite, GnuPG, FLTK, QWT, xinetd and ClamAV
  • Updated and extended manual (e.g. boot-time acceleration)

Last update: April 20, 2011, 1:47 p.m..

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