µCross 2.0

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The new release µCross 2.0 is available!

The new release 2.0 of our distribution comes with excessive updates and enhancements in combination with proven to be good components from the previous release.

  • Improved image-builder µTIB
    • Improved support for input and console devices
    • Simplified support for updates
    • Support for more modern PC Linux distributions as development system
    • Improved language support
  • Enhanced toolchains including GTK+3
  • Various software updates, e.g. GDB, Busybox, udev, iproute, PHP, GTK+, SQLite, Boost, Qt X11 and Qt/E
  • Additional applications and libraries, e.G. Octave, Gnuplot, Chillispot, OpenSCADA, net-snmp, webcam-server, xinput-calibrator, xautomation, Ghostscript, Apache Web Server, libmodbus, OWFS
  • Available for ARMv4T (e.g. S3C2xxx), ARMv5TE (e.g. Kirkwood, PXA3xx, TMPA9xx), ARMv7A (e.g. OMAP3 + OMAP4, i.MX5 und i.MX6), x86 and MIPSEL

For additional architectures (e.g. PPC, ARMv6, SH4) are available on request

  • Simplified licensing model for ARM architectures - only one license covers all ARM architectures.
  • Extended and improved manual

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