↑ What is µCross?  #

µCross is a modern Linux based software-distribution for embedded and mobile devices. The µCross package is a product from kernel concepts and can be licensed for various platforms. Supported platforms include ARM, MIPS and PowerPC.

↑ Why µCross?  #

µCross is a complete package to enable rapid project development. It contains a broad choice of pre-compiled packages that suite almost any requirement and is complemented by a matching cross development toolchain and SDK. A distinguishing feature of µCross is the support for graphical user interface (GUI) development using e.g. GTK+ or Qt - QT/embedded being supported as well. With tools known from desktop Linux like IDEs, user interface builders and debugging tools an experienced GUI developer can start to develop embedded GUI application within the shortest possible time.

↑ Components  #

µCross is based on a set of well tuned and tailored components which form a complete and stable solution:

↑ Services  #

Kernel concepts offers several service options and support packages. Please contact us to ask for an individual offer, e.g. simply by email: